Yaesu ft847 mods

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Yaesu ft847 mods

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I found one for sale on ebay -- not working -- it was in a house fire but was not the item on fire. The price was commensurate with the challenge and risk I was willing to accept.

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The previous owner did a fair amount of cleanup on the radio. In fact, it was much cleaner than almost every other radio I've purchased off ebay, but still had some lingering soot issues. The front panel, skins, and knobs were all removed and scrubbed with a toothbrush and some "Mr. Clean" spray cleaner and then rinsed with clear water a few times and left to dry. A complete disassembly was necessary to clean the boards. The radio consists of seven separate circuit boards interconnected via wire harnesses and coax cables.

It took several hours to pull each connector and label the connector from which it was removed. There are connectors in total. Once free, each circuit board was removed from the chassis and static bagged. Partially disassembled, note the blue tape my favorite! I opted to discard all but the connectors from the cooling fans and purchase new from DigiKey.

yaesu ft847 mods

The radio may have been ON and circulating smoke during the incident. I can't tell. The fans weren't worth cleaning. You'll have to solder the connector on these fans, but they fit exactly.

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It's almost certain that Yaesu Parts would have had these in stock too. In fact, most of the FT parts think switches, knobs I'm seeing on ebay are 10x the cost of ordering them directly from Yaesu. After removal, each board was individually sprayed with isopropyl alcohol IPA and gently scrubbed with a soft toothbrush several times.

When they were "clean" I did a final rinse and dry with more IPA. Reassembly is uninteresting -- put everything back where it came from. The wire bundles were all separated and each strand cleaned with a paper towel and more IPA. Interestingly the smell from a fire was undetectable at this point, significantly different from a cigarette-smoke radio -- which is damn near impossible to clean to a state where it doesn't smell.

Soot was almost completely removed, there's still a little I can't get off the chassis but it's not going to rub off either, so whatever.

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The radio didn't power up on first try. I found a tiny void in the trace leading to the front panel switch -- not the usual FT power switch failure.I started looking around for the original Yaesu parts online and found articles of folks replacing these with aftermarket filters which are somewhat narrower and seem to perform better according to those who have made the modifications before me.

The above image is what I finally came up with and as you can see it is a little more involved then just replacing the 2 filters left side I ended up having to run small shielded coax type cables soldered into the original circuit boards where the Yaesu filters sit and due to their larger size aftermarket after-all I had to double sided tape them to an area with some space.

The cover would not close if I had left it where the stock filters would have gone. Be carefull when routing, re-attach everything where you found it and keep away as much from other wires as possible. I decided to got with the inrad brad filers for the radio hz c for the CW portion and hz c for the SSB portion.

Note that these are receive only filters. Will not affect the transmit portion of the unit. Lastly here is the final closeup of the unit after it was installed and the cables were routed.

I zip tied them together to keep them more secure and also made for easier routing as I did not want to damage the delicate solder joints on the bottom. Final Result: Excellent! Feels like I have a brand new receiver and this unit is now going to be part of my shack for the foreseeable future. If you find something incorrect, have an update, or if there is something you would like to see added, drop me a line here.

I like to keep things as up-to-date and as accurate as possible. Thank you! April 18, A complete view of the 3 filters 2 for receive and one transmit stock. The new Inrad filters installed. A Closeup of the 2 old filter circuit boards with the new coax attached. Pin It on Pinterest.There is a lot of information on the internet about using the the FT on 70MHz, unfortunately almost all of it is incorrect. This memo was originally produced in April for private circulation. The modifications described here are valid for models with serial numbers "9E" May or later.

Prior to that date the firmware is at an earlier issue and has not been verified.

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If you are unaware, YAESU date codes are the year of manufacture followed by the calender month as a letter code. Note that serial numbers 9E and onward models have additional circuitry in the way of wire modifications added to modify the APC loop on TX.

yaesu ft847 mods

This is to reduce the output power to circa 15W between MHz. This was due to too many blown PA's. First you must examine the boot condition for the CPU.

The correct product configuration codes for a 70MHz model are 0x2C or 0x6C hex. This is set by 6 hardware jumpers adjacent to the CPU backup battery. These settings are independent of the CPU reset function, therefore a full reset is not required after modification. Please check and confirm the configuration. The picture shows the battery and the adjacent jumper location The filter select data is serially clocked into I. It may appear to work but very bad spurious outputs in the range MHz will be present when transmitting on 70MHz.

Models after 9E should be OK. Models prior to this require some additional switching added around Q unless the firmware is reloaded. See this page for further information on the UK import modifications. I have investigated the power output issue further after requests from local stations to modify some radios. Further examination reveals an apparent design flaw in the PA which I had previously overlooked but found by accident.

This now permits a non-invasive modification to substantially increase the output power and efficiency, whilst the radio may be restored to its original state at any time. Inductor L see circuit which is part of an m-derived low-pass filter, has a rogue spurious resonance close to 70MHz.I got it from eBay some months ago Seller refunded part of the purchase price so final price was not bad and I had some cash to buy the needed spares :- Unit as received This is what I found once I opened the box There were cracks all around the front panel: But this was the worst damage: Not all was bad!.

There was an extra CW filter installed: But everywhere, thre were surprises Bad finals perhaps :-? So I fixed all what could be done, as lousy soldering jobs, power switch cabling and so on. Here you have some pictures of the process. This is the condition of the HF power amplifier and filter area before cleaning: And now, after cleaning OK, so now with some electrical work. First, front panel should be dismantled: First thing to fix was the power switch: This was the original work: Then I duplicated the switch circuit, to prevent contact burning, and replaced the bare wire with an insulated one: After these works, unit was fired up More extensive works So unit was working fine but, physically, it was awful.

I tried to get new parts from Yaesu but main one I needed, front panel, was obsolete. A gentleman fron UK bought it on behalf of me and sent it to me :- So I had a new front panel but still not the other parts, as the power switch, some damaged rubber knobs, all missing screws and so on. I sourced them in Spain, at the Yaesu distributor, but it took several months to arrive. Here you have the unit with the new front panel on top: I took out the front panel to fix the power switch: And this is how the FT looks with her new face: It is even prettier with the power on: And finally, with covers: This is the transceiver on my workbench: After this, I had some QSOs with very good audio reports.

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Things still missing Only thing which is still missing is the metal plate which has the speaker on it. Yaesu has not spares for it. I think I will end building that part from scratch, but need a template to build it. Any taker ;-?One of many of the requirements of operating on MARS frequencies is broadbanding my equipment.

There is information all over the web about how to broadband this radio to enable transmit outside of the Amateur Radio bands but I never could verify any of the information as my radio seemed to have been set up different that the ones mentioned in the mods. Some mods mentioned using software to reconfigure the firmware of the radio to allow the mod to work.

I never tried these mods in fear of bricking my still under warranty radio. After putting the mod off for a while I figured I would look back into it and see what could be done. The images that they uploaded were exactly how my D was set up. Here is a pic of my jumpers before the mod.

Click on the image to expand it. After completing the mod, I had to hold down the F and VM keys down while turning the radio back on. When I used the numbersthose are my numbers simply counting from left to right with the radio orientated the way that I have it in the pics.

I have no idea what the names of those jumpers are in the schematic. As you can see from the comments below, this mod may or may not work for your particular radio. You are using an insecure version of your web browser. Please update your browser! Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. Energy Conservation! Location of Jumpers before Mod.

Location of Jumpers after Mod. Comments Search for:. Spam Blocked 10, spam blocked by Akismet.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.This link is listed in our web site directory since Thursday Apr 26and till today " Modifications for the Yaesu FT " has been followed for a total of times. So far received 2 votes for a total score of 5. The scale is 1 - 10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent. You'll find a huge knowledgebas Modifications for the Yaesu FT - Some interesting mods for the Visit this link Modifications for the Yaesu FT Visit Site Share this resource Share this link with your friends, publish within popular social networks or send it via email.

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yaesu ft847 mods

CB Radio Antique Radio. Modifications for the Yaesu FT Share this resource Share this link with your friends, publish within popular social networks or send it via email. The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio, currently lists Get our latest news and links in your email. Service provided by Google FeedBurner. Visit Site.QRZ Forums. Recently got a Yeasu FT but it has no filters in it.

yaesu ft847 mods

Are the Inrad filters worth the investment? I know the filters in the Kenwood work well, and am wondering if that's the improvement I'll see in the Yeasu. Or do I need to change out the diodes to lower the noise floor of the radio? When I listen to both side by side on the HF bands, the 30 years old Kenwood is a much better performing and sounding rig, unless it's just I don't know how to set up the Yeasu DSP right?

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Looking for some help. If you check the Yaesu reflectors you might find some mods to improve HF performance. I almost never used it on HF, so didn't really care. I have a FT and fitted the Inrad filters 2off a few years ago. These are not "plug in" types but are stuck to the inside of the front chassis with "sticky pads", and are wired in with short lengths of mini coax. However these filters are not cheap, but if you are keen HF operator, then I would say they are definitely worthwhile. The Inrad filters have a steeper side for sure.

I did a mod to the Kenwood TS and it transformed the radio so much so the guy sold his Icom pro, the audio sounded far, better as well as the selectivity, more so on CW. G4COEMar 28, All that and still I wasn't happy with its performance.

It might have been adequate on SSB, but it was so noisy it generated "listener fatigue. I always think the more conversions a rig has the more noisier it is, the only good thing about conversions is the image separation. My friend couldn't use m because of the local generated racket True, some rigs are worse than others with internal and external noise.

G4COEMar 29, Depends on what you what to do. Casual operating, stick with the stock filters. If you intend to keep the radio, go Inrad. I have a MP with 2 Hz, 2 Hz, 2 2. Also have Inrad in the Sub receiver. But I am a hard core contester. Trey and Mark are great guys, and are very helpful. N2SRMar 29, Thanks for all the advice.

Have to think it over. I found that changing out a bunch of diodes on the BPF board also lowers the noise floor a lot. Maybe another trip to Dayton to try and locate some parts at a lower cost is in order.

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